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There are three types of channel on

Ad-hoc channels

An ad-hoc channel is one whose name starts with "&". It behaves like a channel on most other IRC servers. It completely disappears when the last user leaves, and doesn't remember what a user's modes (see below) were if the user leaves and comes back.

Registered channels

A registered channel starts with "#". It remembers everything about itself; channel modes, topic, user modes, etc. Changes are permanent and "sticky," so if a user leaves and comes back hir user modes are restored.

Registered channels have a special user mode, +O (channel admin). It grants no special powers, but if nobody in a registered channel has +O, the channel is in danger of disappearing from the database. (If you accidentally de-admin yourself, talk to SolraBizna and he can fix the situation.)

Only registered users can register channels.

Anarchist channels

An anarchist channel starts with "+". It always allows everyone to join, and has no mode or administrators or state of any kind. Even the server administrator can't kick someone from an anarchist channel. (This might be a good neutral-ground channel to have an argument in, for instance.)

Channel Modes

Channels (except anarchist channels) have "modes," which are attributes that change the way the channel works. You usually manipulate modes via the /mode command, but it may vary from client to client.

Normal modes:

In addition, there are some modes which take a parameter:

Some modes are wildcard lists:

A wildcard matches against the "nick!user" portion of a user's "hostmask". (The host portion is ignored because of cloaking.) * means any number of any character, ? means one of any character, any other character is matched as is. For example, "Solra*!*" will match "Solra!sbizna" and "Solra!SolraBizn" and "SolraBizna!sbizna" but not "wizard!sbizna".

Since un-identified users have a ~ added before their username in their hostmask, you can ban all un-identified users from your channel by banning "*!~*", which will match all un-identified users and no identified users.

Lastly, some modes apply to a certain user only on a certain channel:

The above modes are affectionately known as "hats."

If you want to experiment, please create a &channel instead of a #channel. &test might be a good name for such a channel, but keep in mind you probably aren't the only person who'd use that name. You can register a new #channel by joining it as long as you're a registered user.

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